Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Review 5/4/12

We were back to our regular schedule and it was really hard for everyone after a change last week.

We are working through a new book for our Family Bible time.  It's Apologia's Who Is God?  We are covering 1 chapter every two weeks and meeting with 3 other families to have a family Bible study.  This week we are on chapter 2.

Praying for the world using Operation World prayer guide, praying for The Horn, other missionaries and still working on our Christmas Card prayer ministry.

Together work:
  • Mystery of History week 27:  Geoffrey Chaucer - Canterbury Tales, John Huss, and Joan of Arc.  I have to say that I have a better understanding of Joan of Arc after reading Linda's lesson than from any other studies.  All of the people we learned about this week touched me because of their devotion to the Lord and the condemnation they received for it.  Quite inspiring for sure! 
  • We watched an Animated Hero Classics video on John of Arc as well.
  • Chemistry - Inquiry in Action.  Working through Lesson 5.  I have to say as much as I love science and I love what the kids are learning I always drag through this one.  By the time we get to the end of the day, I just don't want to wrestle with the prep work.  I had to measure how 24 little piles of varying white powders (laundry detergent, cream of tarter, baking powder, baking soda) to be combined with varying liquids (water, vinegar, red cabbage indicator and iodine).  It takes 3 times as long to do all this prep work as the experiments and then I have to clean it all up.  I wish we could just watch it on a DVD or something!  We still have about 5 more steps in Lesson 5 and then we have Lesson 6 and 7 to be finished with this curriculum.  I think we will be finishing in the summer!
  • Finished up A Parcel of Patterns.  Review on this one will be coming.
  • Completed an art project from Meet the Masters
This is the project that coordinates with the lesson on Mary Cassatt.
Preacher man's is missing in action!

N (6th grade):
  • 4 lessons in Math Mammoth - scored 88 on his test
  • IEW Phonetic Zoo - 93 on his test
  • 5 pages of Easy Grammar
  • English from the Roots up Test - 100
  • Wrote an essay in IEW Medieval on which he earned an 95!  He has one lesson left to finish this up but it's the Super Essay and will take him the next 3 weeks to finish it.  I anticipate much struggle for us to finish this up!
  • Almost finished with Henty's For Freedom's Cause

The Giver (3rd grade):
  • 3 lessons in RightStart D; test on Thursday -93.  We played multiplication games on Friday
  • IEW Phonetic Zoo - 80 on his test.  This kid does not like to study.
  • English From the Roots Up test- 83
  • Reading Charlotte's Web everyday outloud to me.  This child doesn't like to read.  Often he will read 2 pages and when we turn the page he moans and loses focus. 
Preacher man (K):
  • Reading with IEW PAL program everyday.  We finished up Lesson 39 this week.  My goal for the year was to get through Lesson 40 so we are almost there! 
  • RightStart Math - a few lessons and some 1st grade math workbook pages. 
  • This week we focused on gorillas for science.  We read some books and made a notebook page.  I wrote the words and guided him to make his thoughts into complete sentences.  Then he read the sentences to Tony.

 I think we will be finished with school in about 3 weeks!  I am so ready for a break. Of course, it looks like we may still be finishing up Chemistry in June, but perhaps my attitude will be better when I can have more prep time!


Mary said...

Wow- you got a lot done! Great week.

My name is Tiffany said...

Great week mom! We are also using Meet The Masters, I really enjoyed it. I just wish we were more consistent with it. I had to laugh at the Giver moans as he turns the page. (visual in my head) Too funny!