Sunday, March 4, 2012

Necklace Fundraiser

From Left to Right:  1. Red heart with black gingham ribbon 2. yellow square with spiral and brown sheer ribbon 3. orange teardrop with cream sheer ribbon 4.  green skinny rectangle with wrap around spiral and sheer ribbon 5. red heard with red gingham ribbon 6. green diamond with spiral design and sheer ribbon 7. yellow square with cross design and brown sheer ribbon 8. teal square with spiral design and brown sheer ribbon.

Tony has been diligently working on making some pendants for necklaces!  We are going to sell these for $12 to help raise funds for our adoption.  Please know there is a lot of flexibility in these.  You can choose your shape, color, ribbon, etc.  So if you don't see exactly what you want we can probably make it for you!

If you are local to me you can purchase directly.  If you are not local and would like to purchase one, please send me a paypal to  " cjgrubbs (at) hotmail (dot) com ".  In the notes let me know which shape/color/ribbon you want and your mailing address.  Or you can use the Paypal Donate button on the right hand side of the screen and leave me the same notes.

If you have questions about something in particular that you would like, please email me at cjgrubbs (at) hotmail (dot) com putting Adoption Fundraiser in the subject line.


Rebekah said...

He is very talented!

Rebekah said...
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Laine said...

Can you email me and I will let you know my order via email? These necklaces are beautiful...but mostly I'm excited for your family! I saw Rebekah's post on her blog and hopped over here to check it out! Can't wait to read more about your process and your family!
My email is

Chantelle said...

SEnt you an email, Laine! Thank you so much!

Shireen said...

Hi!! I'd love to get a necklace like #8 in your picture, but in, a turquoise square with spiral design and brown sheer ribbon.
Shireen :)