Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review 2/3/12

This week we continued with our family Bible study at breakfast using the guides from the Church at Brookhill.  We also have continued to pray for the World using the schedules at Operation World.  We chose a Christmas card from those we received and prayed for that person all week in addition to the guides given with the Bible study we are using.

Together Work:
We completed MOH vol 2 Week17 - We covered lessons on the Song Dynasy of China, St. Simon and the Coptic Church, & Eric the Red and the Settlement of Greenland.

We made some coins and a feathered fan similar as our activities for Song Dynasty of China:

The story of St. Simon is quite fascinating and one I'd never heard before.  Simon was truly a servant, carrying water each morning at 4 am for the elderly each day.  One of the suggested activities was to fill milk jugs with water and have the children see how much it weighed and carry them around. This turned out to be a fun project:

This led to some other playing figuring out a better way to carry the water!

And we had some discussions about how much water we would use if we had to carry it to our house every day!

For the study of Greenland, we made a "map" of Greenland using dirt, ice and salt.

 We made the shape of Greenland on a foam plate with dirt.  Then we placed ice cubes in the middle (because the interior of Greenland has as much as 1500 feet of ice on it!) Then we placed tiny pieces of toothpicks around the edge to represent where people lived.
And finally we topped it all off with kosher salt because Greenland does get lots of snow.  And for those wondering why such a cold place is named Greenland.  Eric the Red was trying to attract people to come with him to settle there so he chose a great name.  Additionally, many historians believe that it was warmer during that time period than now.  There was enough pastureland to grow crops and maintain animals. (Makes me ponder about Global Warming!)

We started a new chapter in Botany and finished up Investigation 2 in the ACS Chemistry.

N and The Giver are still working on I Corinthians 13, along with their respective preposition lists and other poetry. Emily Dickinson poems are our focus this year.

We attended Art through Geography class this week.  
Started a new lesson in Apologia Botany and finished Investigation 2 on ACS Chemistry.
Completed Lesson 5 in La Clasa Divertida.
Read 5 chapters of Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray  (This is really good so far!)

N- 6th Grade -
Completed 5 lessons in Math Mammoth 6
Wrote a sweet letter to his Grandpa.
Completed IEW Medieval Writing Lesson 14 - made an 89 on his final writing. 
Practiced guitar daily, attended muscianship class and guitar lesson
IEW Phonetic Zoo Lesson 1, List B - made a 93!
Started Reading The King's Shadow for school.  He's currently reading the Harry Potter series for his personal reading.

The Giver - 3rd grade-
Completed 5 lessons in Right Start D
Wrote a sweet letter to his grandmother:

IEW Phonetic Zoo Lesson 1, List A - made a 100!

Building words with tiles  - in his PJ's!

Still reading Viking Adventure by Clyde Robert Bulla.  He has started a Young Indiana Jones book for his personal reading.

Preacher Man - Kindergarten
Completed 2 lesson in IEW PAL - reading and writing
Completed 4 lesson in Right Start A, including the Handshake Game

Working on Magic Tree House Ghost Town at Sun Down.

Pretty successful week!


Gillian said...

I love the hands-on projects, especially carrying water and the Greenland map! Looks like a good week.

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

I love the idea of using Christmas cards that you received to pray for those people! The water project was great too...good way to put things into perspective.

Regena said...

Your weeks sounds like so much fun! I particularly liked the feathered fans.


Chantelle said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I just want to make sure you all realize those ideas for the history came from the MOH book - I didn't come up with them!

Tonia said...

What a lovely idea - praying for those who've sent Christmas cards. I really like the Greenland activity - what a great way to remember the geography of that country!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...


Love the hands-on activities! That is something that is sorely missing from our homeschool.

We are just about to finish up Adam of the Road, and it is a wonderful story!