Saturday, January 15, 2011


I first read about notebooking as I was starting to research homeschooling. Notebooking is the process of writing down what you have learned, through words, drawings, pictures, charts or a combination of the above onto paper. For many children, drawing and writing helps to cement their learning in their mind. I quickly knew this was something we would use in our homeschooling.

Now, of course, being a scrapbooker, you know I want the pages to look neat and finished, not just starting with a blank white sheet. Well, thank goodness I found to help me take care of this need. I purchased a basic set and an Ancients set, since we are studying Ancient history this year. The purchase is downloadable, so they are saved onto my computer and any time I need one I go to the file, find what I want and print it out. I also printed out a master copy that is in a 3 ring binder so the kids can look through them and find ones they might want, which makes it easier for me to then print. We have used these pages so many times since we started our schooling in July. Here are some samples of our notebook pages:

I highly recommend at least browsing their website if you are a homeschooler.  This is a great way for children to "show" what they know instead of always giving a test.  It's  also a great record to go back and look at it what they have learned.  My middle son, in particular loves to look back through his pages and see what he has learned.  He is a kinestethic learner, so this makes perfect sense for him.  So check out today!

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Hello, I found you because of Mystery of History and I wanted to chat with you.
I too am a consultant for CTMH but not active in sales. I can explain that more later. Anyway, just wanted to say hi to a kindred spirit and see if you and I could connect in the world of cybernet! LOL