Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun at Grayson Park

This little park is right next to the the pool where the kids are taking swim lessons. It is nice and shady and they love playing there. There are usually no other kids so they have a really good time. Most days we have a snack after swim lessons and then play for a while - I can read a book or just enjoy watching them have a good time!

Summer is too short and it is going to be over so soon! I can't believe it's already July 8th! Only 10 days until Noah is 9! That is such a milestone to me, b/c that is really half of his time that I am in charge of him. By the time he is 18, he will be done with high school and on his way to college. I only have 9 more years to help him develop into the Christian young man that I want him to be!

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