Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hershey's Track Meet

Noah participated in the district Hershey's track meet yesterday. It was a new experience for him. For one thing, he was grouped with 9-10 year olds (kids born in 1999 and 2000). Previously in our track group he competed with 7-8 year olds, so he was the oldest. He could only do 3 events and they didn't offer the 800m, which is his favorite. So he did the long jump, 400m and 200m. He has been doing long jump into a sand pit, but here they just did it on the track. So he didn't feel he did as well. However, on the 400m, he ran it in 1 minute and 26 seconds! This was a personal best for him - the time from his last meet was 1 minute 32 seconds. So while he was 4th, he beat his own best time and we are thrilled! He was disappointed that he didn't make it to state. But he is encouraged to work hard for the next year so he can be even better next year!

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